In 1994, Rajiv Bhatia had already spent a few years in quality control of leather goods. However, not satisfied with the quality of goods being produced in those days, he ventured out to create an organization that would stand for excellence in leather goods manufacturing. Thus, D2 International was born and is named after his wife’s initial ‘D’ and his twin sons, ‘2’.
Over the years, in-line with Mr. Bhatia’s vision, D2 International’s craftsmen have been uncompromising on quality, garnering praise from our customers all over the globe. It is this commitment to quality that has helped D2 International grow into a 150,000 square feet production space, capable of producing over 60,000 handbags and 75,000 SLG’s per month.


Our design team consists of experienced professionals, who have immense knowledge of the industry’s changing trends, and come from the top design institutes of the country.
We lay great emphasis on creation of new designs while keeping in mind production feasibility. Additionally, we also have overseas designers based in France & the UK constantly helping us develop the latest styles. Our R&D team works alongside the designers towards development & functional engineering of the new products to ensure ease of use, along with a trendy design.
Our main objective is synchronizing brand design aesthetics with carefully curated raw materials to bring freshness and uniqueness to the products.


At D2 International, we believe the highlight of our team is our craftsmen, known as ‘karigars’ in Calcutta, who carry forward a rich family history of artisans. It is their craftsmanship skills, coupled with the use of best-in-class Italian and German machinery, that helps us to deliver a high quality product to our customers.
Further, we practice the principles of lean manufacturing on the shop floor. This ensures that the product spends as less time on the floor as possible, not only minimizing chances of defects such as mishandling, but also quickening up production to ensure on-time delivery.

150,000 Sq. Ft

Production Area


Handbags Monthly


SLG Monthly


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As a technical associate of BLC Leather Technology Institute, UK, we ensure that the quality of our products is at par with the international standards.
Further, each of our factories follows the 5S methodology of management, which includes standardization of the best practices and elimination of waste from our processes.
All our assembly lines are monitored by an in-line Quality Control Manager, who ensures that each product being shipped exceeds the customer’s expectations.
Over the years, it’s this attention to detail that has made D2 International one of the leading export houses in the country.


For over 25 years, we have manufactured leather goods and accessories with a focus on impeccable product quality and on-time delivery.
Having worked with the top brands around the globe, we are well versed with the global market demands for luxury goods and always strive to surpass them consistently. Further, our company is affiliated as a technical associate of the BLC Leather Technology Centre, UK, and constantly works with them to improve our processes.
In the fast-paced fashion industry, we understand that speed is value. Our team of industrial engineers focuses on providing clients with increased reactivity through shortened lead times at an economical cost.
Further, we are aware of the importance our clients place on transparency in its supply chain and its value proposition to the customers. As a result, we regularly work with organizations such as SMETA and BSCI to ensure ethical treatment of workers and transparency in our daily operations.
In light of our efforts, the Council of Leather Exports (CLE) recently awarded us with the 1st place for Excellent Export Performance in the Eastern Region. Such recognition has motivated us to keep serving our clients better each day, as we believe there is no end to improvement and customer satisfaction.